Out of the Box in a BOX

From Antenna to Bits

ADVANCED has developed the unique approach of providing customers (both end users and prime OEM’s) with complete, end-to-end solutions that cover most to all of the receive and transmit chains.

Our cutting-edge system ensures the fully optimized integration of the chain’s links, thereby achieving ultimate performance.

With the development of advanced capabilities for all our products, traditional trade-offs and limitations are being shattered across the boards.

From Component to Systems

ADVANCED’s continuous investment in the research and development of “high-end” technologies has proven its worth in achieving groundbreaking  performance, and is being incorporated into our modules and systems on an ongoing basis.

Discrete design, exotic materials, proprietary development tools and the development of custom filters – these are just a few of the in-house capabilities our engineers excel in.

Close partnerships with key application-level architects at the leading prime OEM’s, combined with our multi-disciplinary engineering skills, has resulted in a class-leading, system-level approach from the ground up.

From Metal to Software

ADVANCED excels in all aspects of underlying technologies, enabling us to bring customers the ultimate solution.

Our engineers have developed a mechanical design that is rugged yet compact, as well as thermal optimized, to support application-specific or standard form factors.

ADVANCED develops in-house all supporting peripherals that can be found inside our products, such as power supplies and control cards.

Our firmware and software expertise as well as hardware digital design provide the complete management suite required to support new standards like SOSA™ and MORA™, as well as customized interfaces to multiple customers’ protocols.

ADVANCED has climbed all the way to the SDR sphere (Software Defined Radio), and with that provides integrated, hassle-free systems for the hosting of customer applications and methods.